Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fun in the Snow!!!

So we get back from our trip on a Wednesday night, the boys go to school and I go to work on Thursday, and then Friday we wake up to this!  Looks like we are back on vacation as we have a Snow Day!!!  The boys were so excited as we never really got a big snow storm last year and this storm gave them plenty to play in!
 Love the look of a fresh blanket of snow
 So pretty and peaceful!
 Ryan was still on vacation and so we all got to go out and play in the snow!
 I do not like the look in his eye
 Look out!!!
 Boys being boys and having a snowball fight
 AJ loved running cars down the snowy slide
 Happy boy!
 AJ had a lot of fun filling his bucket with snow
 Then I taught him that he could stack them up and make some snowmen
 Then they wanted to make snow angels
 Sweet Angel Jake
 The boys taking out their new toy in the snow
 Yeah they cannot stay on their feet...too much fun to be in the snow
 I love living somewhere were we can get snow like this...we did not even have to travel to the mountains
 We then went 5 doors down to the pirate ship park and had a blast playing in all of the snow there
Daddy and Jake had a really fun time playing football
 Jake climbing the snowy steps to the slide
 My wonderfully happy boys
 This is so much fun!!!
 Me and my boys
 Then we were cold and wet so we walked home, got our wet clothes off and had some hot cocoa.  These are some super happy boys!  Great snow day!
 I never did share this picture but AJ gave me a beloved gift from Mrs. Hopkins class for Christmas.  A snowman hand ornament just like his brother made in Pre-K.  I treasure these above all our other ornaments...truly special :D
 AJ wanted to get a picture of his snowman family before they melted
 Jake was so excited about this!  He had saved up his Wildcats from school (little papers they earn by being good, helping others, etc) until he had enough to exchange them for reading to another class.  He had chosen to read to his beloved Mrs. Bovos and her Kindergarten class.  She was sweet enough to take pictures for me and said that he did a terrific job!  So proud of him!!!
 Such a big wonderful boy!
I love this!  On weekday mornings when Ryan happens to leave after the kids have gotten up for school they always go out with him and wave goodbye to him from the porch.  They are often in their jammies still but it is just a sweet time that this picture does a great job of capturing.

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