Monday, January 23, 2017

Fun at Home and School!

Oh the fun of day to day life!  We are constantly talking about our crazy life and getting all the kids school work done, sports practices and games, AWANA, friends and all the things we are constantly running around doing, but you know what...we love every moment of it!  Yes the house might be a mess at times, its nearing the end of January as I write this and we still need to put the outside Christmas decorations away, and I need to vacuum more often...but I love treasuring all of these special moments with the boys.  We have been blessed with an amazing family and I enjoy every moment of it that we spend together!!!
 Ninja Jake!
AJ may be 5 years old but he still loves "Horsey" 
 Fun at school!  As AJ has to leave SaFe Day during or sometimes before playground time he was really sad as he loves this playground and some of his dear friends.  So when the weather is good we have started getting there 15 minutes early so he can play with a couple of his buddies who are also there early since their moms teach as well.
 The great house
 A night of AWANA.  Jake talked his buddy Owen into joining and they have a great time together.
 Ah AJ's letter hats from Mrs. Hopkins class.  He loves these things and wears them nonstop when the kids make them in class...even to Walmart :)
 Football Saturday
 AJ as entered a stage where he loves Curious George!
 AJ's favorite part of big school is painting.  His teacher says that given the chance that is what he will do every time!  Here he painted our of them even includes Piper!
 Sonic Carhop night for school.  The boys had a blast seeing their teachers serve and had a lot of fun playing on the grass with their friends.
 Ahhhh Piper, the ole girl is getting old but she still loves to be pampered!  This was her about to get out of the car after I took her to get groomed.  I laughed because it looked like she had a big grin on her face.
 Some of AJ's Fall soccer team
 Another Flag Football Saturday
This is huge...we now have Trader Joe's!!!!  Many of us in the know have been waiting excitedly for this wonderful day!
Our church often has these photo ops during different sermons...the boys think they are a blast!
 A school project to decorate a surprise that AJ wanted to paint his.
For Jake's buddy Owen's birthday he wanted to go to Frontier City and bring Jake.  Jake had never been there before and I had no idea how Jake would do with all the crazy rides.  Turned out Jake loved it and tried almost everything he had to opportunity to get on.  Only one he did not like. 
 Jake and Owen's brother being glad his mom sent me a couple picks of the fun they were having
 AJ and his awesome creation!
 Decorate your cookie night at AWANA...I think AJ liked his (so thankful that Miss Misty shares pictures from AWANA on Facebook every week....its so fun to see them!!!)
AJ's school picture from SaFe Day.  So love the pictures that we get here as the school brings in a photographer and gets some adorable shots!
 Such a cute little student
 As a teacher, I got to take a picture with little goofball
 Class picture...AJ was super excited he got to stand next to Mrs. Meredith!
Jake the 2nd grader.  I keep asking him if we can freeze time so he stops growing up...he does not seem to like this idea :(

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