Monday, January 23, 2017

Fall Fun!

I love Fall!  Yes this year we were kinda robbed and had a warm one.  But I still love the season with all its pumpkin, decorations, the changing of the leaves and just looking forward to all the Holidays on their way!  Such a great time of year and the kids really agree!
 One of their favorite Fall activities is still getting pumpkins!  My boys cannot get enough!  And they still love this little pumpkin stand that we have in Edmond.  But they have a great variety and fantastic prices so we are all for it!
 This year we even got to bring Grant along with us
 The boys loved looking at all the odd shaped and colored pumpkins
 AJ was fascinated by the pumpkin towers
 I love this Thunder Pumpkin
 Boys being boys!
AJ found his!  Perfect size and shape to make a Chuck Angry Bird Pumpkin
Jake's monster of a pumpkin!  Perfect for his Red Angry Bird Pumpkin!
My pumpkin that I can keep forever and put candles in!
 AJ in action!  Its amazing all my pictures of this boy are not blurry.
 A day at SaFe Day when the firefighters came to see us.  The kids loved it and this Firetruck loving boy was in heaven!
Cutest Batman I have ever seen
 Cake at a birthday party...and some people say that sugar does not make kids crazy!
 Fun Lego building day at Toys R Us
 Major excitement here as daddy just bought the boys a box of Flash trading cards!!!  They love opening the packs!
When it is orange day at school and orange just happens to be your favorite color ;)
 Best Day Ever!!!!
 The 3 Amigos!  These 3 friends have really enjoyed the last couple years at SaFe Day together!
 A huge night for Jake!  Daddy was taking him to his first ever Thunder game!  Jake was super excited and could hardly wait to leave!
Little Brother photo bomb 
 In perfect timing, when Jake and Daddy went to the game AJ got to go to his buddy Drew's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese
AJ loved every moment of it!
 AJ did a great job dancing for Chuck so he could get tickets
Then we came back and had a little Momma and AJ date with the Angry Birds Movie and Ice Cream Sandwiches 
 AJ getting flag duty at school
 West Field Fun Run!!!!  The boys had so much fun and both maxed out on their laps to earn money for the school.  Jake may or may not be tickling AJ in this picture :P
The first day of Fall of course that means donut date!
Then it was off to the zoo with these monkeys
 AJ doing his best Tarzan impression
 Fun together
 They have loved this slide since we first came to the zoo and they were 4 and 2
 Since it was Fall Break I got the boys some fun splash passes so that they could pet the Sting Rays and see the Sea Lion show...they were super excited!
 This Ray even gave AJ a high 5
 Off to the show!
 Excited boys!
 The boys loved this surfing Sea Lion
 Up close and personal.  I love how AJ is so excited that he is cuddled up to his brother
 This dude was huge and really loud
 Back to see the Rays again...this is what the look of awe and excitement on a child's face looks like. :D
 The boys could have stayed here for hours
 Who knew my kids were already Zoo Vets
 Poor little rhino
 Then some fun at the huge playground!  This is a really great place for them to play and I always forget that I could just bring them here for a couple hours.
Seems like yesterday that I took a picture of AJ doing this same thing before starting school for the very first time last year.  And he is so much bigger. 
More Fall Break fun coming soon...

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