Monday, January 16, 2017

New Skills, Family Visits and Fun

Oh reliving summer, it reminds me what a fantastic time of year it is.  Sure its hot but there is so much freedom with no schedule, no homework and lazy mornings.  Love it!  And we seem to squeeze in as much as we can into every day.
First rides in our new car.  I love how much space there is and its so much easier carrying around a load of kids!
 Swimming with friends
 The Lifechurch Jungle Book throne
 Awesome fountain we had in church just for the occasion
 Our family enjoys At the Movies month at church every year!
A fun day with a friend!  Unpluggits, McDonalds (with extra playground time) and just fun hanging out
Another day at the library.  On this day we had fun playing a low tech version of find the Pokémon
We were super lucky enough to have Ryan's aunt and uncle come and visit us for a few days.  The boys loved having them around, showing off their toys and basketball skills as well as showing them our area.  Love having family visit!!!
 Its always fun to show off Pops
Then when we took them downtown the boys found this cool new house!
 Always have to show off the Bricktown Ballpark
 And we got lucky enough to see some baby ducks in the canal
Beautiful day for a stroll
 On their last night we took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant which just happens to be on a really nice lake.  Great night!!!
I love this picture of AJ and his Great Uncle Ken
 A group of explorers
If there is something to climb this boy will be on it
 AJ and his Great Aunt Jan going over some Super Hero Cooking
 We also planned to grill out with one of our favorite groups of people.  The wonderful Mrs. Bovos (who is now more family than friend), the Cole Family and the Bialon Family.  So much fun to share food and just hang out together!
 The ladies, and some of my dearest friends!
AJ had wanted to share one of his books with Mrs Bovos for months!
Gotta spend some summer at our neighborhood splash pad!
 Boys: Just add water to create fun
What makes my life happy :D
 End of AJ's tball season meant medals!
 Yeah, AJ was a little excited!
 Some Menchies afterward to celebrate some good seasons
 If they squish they can both fit in...barely :)
AJ's newest masterpiece
 When Batman vs. Superman came out the boys were a little excited.  This is how they watched the movie :)
 AJ getting a much hoped for Birthday present a little bit early
Flash is a favorite super hero in my family.  I love how the boys fell in love with the character even before the tv show started.  They are true fans!
 When the boys help momma clean up the house...they get a special trip to Eileen's Cookies.  Angry Bird cookies of course
 Happy Cookie Face
times 2
 Finally teaching Jake to ride on 2 wheels.  Our boys love their razor scooters so much that we rarely take the bikes out.  So it was time!
 Of course AJ had to ride around too
We were so amazed and proud to see how quickly Jake took to it.  Sure he still needs some practice, but he did a fantastic job!
 After bikes we all came back to have a swim and cool off.  Then during lunch on our back patio Jake lost a tooth!!!!
 Another great weekend at church!  The boys love that there is popcorn :)
Another great trip to the zoo
AJ is finding all sorts of treasures
My own little Spider Monkey
 The misters are the best part of the zoo in summer...especially when you play with friends
 The boys with Sven
"What...there is a bear behind us?!?!?"
 Getting in some Segway practice at the Science Museum
 These boys are serious
 Spending some quality time with Otto
 Jake has officially gotten his taste for spicy back...crazy boy loves these things
 Crazy scooter kid
 After conquering 2 wheels Jake got a new bike!  He says it is super fast!!!
 AJ is starting to get big for his bike...but he still loves it!
Ride like the wind Jake!  So proud of you!!!

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