Monday, January 16, 2017

Summer Sports Fun

Ah how the sports keep us busy.  Now with both boys playing it seems like we are all over the place and often divide and conquering their games.  But we have a blast and I am glad the boys have these wonderful opportunities!
AJ's T-ball Team
Batter Up
Cute boy in Marshall matching jammies...not sure how much more I will get to do this. :)
VBS pictures
 Really cool torch Jake made at VBS
Jake and his buddy Grant had the cool opportunity to go to a baseball camp at the OKC Dodgers stadium.  An awesome day that they were very excited about!
Since AJ was not old enough he had a special AJ and Mommy day...and he chose to go to the Science Museum.  Foosball is one of his favorite activities
Fun to see your name in lights :)
Yep...typical boy.  Had a blast stacking them up and then diving into the blocks to knock them down
"I made my own hammer!"
AJ's favorite place...he could spend hours here
 My adorable little coal miner
Then of course he chose to go to McDonalds for lunch!
Meanwhile, Ryan took the boys to their camp.  (I think daddy was a little jealous)
Happy Boys!
 Ground ball practice
These kids got to play with professional ballplayers on their field...amazing
Then it was back to Grant's house for dinner and s'mores...who knew AJ was a master marshmallow cooker?!?!?
Rough day lol
 Its game time
 Nice shot!
Jake's basketball team!
Friday night lights :D

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