Sunday, January 15, 2017

First Activities of Summer!

With school out we needed some good time with friends and we are blessed to be in an area with awesome activities and even better friends!!!
The first was a trip to the zoo with our great friends...a bunch of crazy kids if you ask me
Then another morning I had a bible study at a friends house...the boys were not to upset to play in this backyard :D
Jake also started playing basketball for the first time and his introduction was a skills camp at a local basketball gym.  He wore himself out but had a lot of fun!
Then of course we had to go to the Science of the boys favorite places!!!  And this time they got to introduce their buddy Grant to it.
Some serious airplane building
Tight Rope walking
Awesome game of Battleship
While the big boys sampled the games AJ decided to build a little house...he started this all by himself
Light Bright
Getting bigger
Complete!  And a friend of school happened to come by to offer aid in d├ęcor hehe
This might be a big enough table to hold all the food to feed them when they are all older
You don't often see pure joy during the weather forecast :)
I always said AJ was my little tornado :D
Jake has always loved this huge mouth
A crazy modern home design
Muscle Man
Relaxing in this small obstacle course
Astronaut Jake
AJ was so excited to play foosball with the big boys
All great days at the Science Museum end in a 711 Slurpee!!!

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