Sunday, January 29, 2017

Great Christmas with Grandma and Pa!

Oh how much I adore Christmas!   Its my favorite holiday of the year and we were super blessed to have my parents come and spend it with us.  We were going to have 2 whole weeks off and we could hardly wait!  No crazy schedule and just a lot of time together!!! :D
 My parents came the night of our last day of school and so when they woke up the next morning we were already in full Christmas mode. :)  First thing...lets make some cookies!
 Our boys are such good cookie decorators!
 Yum!!!  Nothing like my mom's shortbread cookies!
 We had decided months ago to schedule a Braums Factory Tour during their visit and the boys had been looking forward to it for months!
 All ready to see the yummy breads, cakes, ice cream cones, ice cream and milk being made and packaged
 The cow bus is probably the boys second favorite part :)
 Jake and Pa kept rushing to get the front seats in the cow bus!
 And this would be the boys favorite part...the ice cream at the end of the tour :D
 Such happy boys and cream helps but all being together is always the best!
 And of course after the tour you always have to go eat at Braums :)  Milkshakes all around!
 AJ was super excited to make a gingerbread house with Grandma
 I think he is thrilled with it!
 They did such a fantastic job!!!
 Boys getting a special bedtime story about Curious George (a favorite of theirs right now)
 Its Christmas Eve!!!  And for our family that means donuts and the used book store! :D
 Our Christmas Eve hors d'oeuvre many yummies
One beautiful Christmas Tree
 The boys each got to open one present of their choice that night after we read the Christmas story...AJ was thrilled with his Pokémon cards!
 Jake was super excited about his little Chewey!
 Man which Star Wars character is Jake's favorite?
 Some bedtime reading before the big day!
 The stockings are stuffed :D
 Very exciting boys Christmas morning
 Angry Bird love on Red
 Angry Bird snuggles on Chuck
 This is what the pure joy of getting the gift from Santa you hoped for looks like :)
 A new hat for this huge Patriots fan!
 And then there is little brother who is thrilled about his Broncos gear
 Pure joy (his Patriots helmet)
LOL...the look on AJ's face when he realized that his Chewbacca mask made his noise.
 Outfit complete
 And then for their big gift... a  running toy 4 wheel.  Yes they were spoiled this year!
 AJ LOVES this thing
It went pretty quick on the concrete but they also love playing on it on the back lawn
 Of course we needed time to build Christmas Legos...or at least start Jake's huge Ant Man set.
 AJ is so excited about his Magna Tiles
 PJ Masks time!
 This Christmas we decided to do something a little different and go to a Thunder game!  On the way we got to see a bunch of the beautiful crosses downtown.  I love OKC!!!
 Grandma and Pa's first game!
 Our family, weird boy grins :)
 Merry Christmas!
 The boys really wanted to make posters to help cheer for their team!
 Love these great moments with family!
Go Thunder!!! I really need to say any more?
 My cheerful little Thunder Elf
 A really fun and different thing to do on Christmas night
 But of course we still had to have our Christmas Chimi dinner!  So we enjoyed it the next night instead.
 This year we had a special ice cream cake for Jesus' birthday cake!
 All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth :)  Jake just lost one!
 Some fun Angry Bird time with Pa
 Ryan and I were super lucky to get away on a date night!  Dinner at Pei Wei, browsing books at Mardels and then a movie.  Great night!!!
 We had such a wonderful visit with my parents!!!
Enjoying one last bedtime story with Grandma.
We are so blessed and had such a wonderful Christmas and visit with Grandma and Pa!  Now they had to go but we also had vacation left and we were off on a little trip of our own...

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