Monday, January 16, 2017

Science Museum Fun and Aunt B's Visit!

As the summer was winding down we tried to get in as many as those last important things on the kids lists as we could.  And we were super excited as we had visits from both Aunt B and Grandma Eileen and Pa Gary coming up.  So we were going to soak in all those wonderful last moments of summer!
Jake and Grant trying to figure out these crazy chairs 
 AJ working on his dunking skills
 Awesome Magna Blocks!
 Crazy Astronauts...
 ....but somehow they are letting them go up anyway :P
They survived their mission!!! 
 Wow...AJ discovered some dinosaur bones!!!
 Quite the excavation going on!
 Fun at the car ramp
Sweet Little Bear Sleeping 
 When Aunt B got here we went to Gattitown for some fun.  First it was mini bowling, which as you can see AJ did well at!
 Here bowls Jake
Not your normal shooting alley
 You take AJ to a Pizza, Soup, Pasta and Salad bar buffet and what does AJ olives
 This boy has mad skee ball skills
 "We gotta welcome Aunt B to Oklahoma...its what the sign says"
 The boys got an introduction to bumper cars
 It's on...there was no mercy
 A family who plays skee ball together...stays together :D
Aunt B hit the jackpot!!!
 When brother and sister compete its serious!!!
 So the brothers had to show them how it is done
 Then it was off to an OKC Dodger game!  This one was a little more special because Puig was playing down at AAA.  He was awesome signing autographs for a ton of people and played really well.  The boys were thrilled to see a major leaguer play!
 AJ even scored his autograph in the top left corner
 We had a fantastic time!
 Many card games (Go Fish) were played with Aunt B
Ahhhhh...sweet brothers!
 The day B left also happened to be the morning that we got to go to school and meet the boys two new teachers at West Field.
 AJ was beyond excited as this meant he FINALLY got to go to his brother's big school.  He was big stuff. Although got very shy meeting his new teacher Mrs. Hopkins.  :)  But finally getting his own school shirt was pretty exciting.
Jake was just super excited to start school and see his friends again.  He met his new teacher Mrs. Flurry and found that he had several friends in his new class.  Looks like another great school year!!!

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