Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our amazing trip to Tennessee Part 1

We were super excited for our big trip of the summer to Tennessee!  We had so much fun stuff planned and the best part was who we were going to be seeing!  The first leg of the trip we were going to see our dear friends the Lavalleur's who had recently moved from our area in OK to TN.  And then we were going to drive onto Gatlinburg to see my cousin and her wonderful family.  Seeing dear friends and family who we do not often see is super exciting :D 
It was a fun road trip but we were super excited to cross this border!
We got to our friend's house late and spent the night and first thing in the morning the kids were all ready to swim.  So off they went!
The kids had a great time being together again and enjoying a great backyard grill out (really trying hard to loose my CA-ness and not call it a bbq)  We had such a great time with our friends and it was such a fantastic weekend spending time with them again!
Kids having a blast at their fantastic neighborhood pool!
Driving into beautiful Gatlinburg TN
I love getting the kids together!!!  My cousins and I have always been super close and loved growing up getting these kids together and letting them form a friendship is really special.
Jake tried ribs for the first time on this trip and he absolutely LOVED them...although he will tell you that he got SUPER messy :P
On the way back my cousin thought it would be fun to let the kids play in the was a hit!
Jake, Claire and Caleb having a blast
AJ lovin' it!
 3 old men enjoying their rockers :P
Claire however wanted to check out the bear fountain
Cousins...we were missing one but she was still perking in her momma's tummy
If you know AJ this is totally him...had to find and pick a pretty flower.
It was so sweet seeing these two form a bond.  Loved how Jake looked after his little cousin
Boys telling Jokes at a diner for lunch
Jake reading Pete the Cat to Caleb
Its too bad that the boys cannot make themselves at home when we stay places.
Kids movie night!
Fun with glow in the dark toys
Since we were right on top of Smokey Mountain National Park we had to go check it out and bring the kids on a mini hike.
And they are off!
I love this pic of the kids in front of their cool "hideout"
See, the adults were there!!!  It was so much fun to all be together...putting this post together I can hardly wait until the next time!!!
Finding this cool old cabin in the woods
Claire had the right idea for this hike
The boys
Family that hikes together.... :D
Jake got this picture of Ryan and I
Games with Aunt Stephanie (or Aunt Erstme as we still call her as this is what Jake called her when he was little)
Coming up next....Jake's dream coming true

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