Sunday, January 15, 2017

Our amazing trip to Tennessee Part 2

This was a day on our trip that we were really looking forward to and Jake was barely containing his excitement.  :D  First we were going to go to this restaurant called the Pancake Pantry in Gatlinburg that my cousin had put as her trip priority...and let me tell was AMAZING!!!!  Best breakfast ever and we still all talk about it!
Everyone getting their yummy food...notice please these full plates
Everyone is checking out each other's food
VERY happy boy!!!  Notice these empty plates...all the kids ate every morsel.  AJ even scrapped his.
We all agreed that Jake's French Toast might have been the best!
This was the other highlight of our day.  Jake simply adores penguins and my cousin had called me before we left for the trip and mentioned that she would like to take the kids to this aquarium.  So when your son's dream is to see a real life penguin you jump at this opportunity!
Almost there
Just walking into the aquarium the kids had to see everything
The big shark tank was a big hit
Jake checking the info about it and sharing it to his cousin
AJ loved the sharks!!!
So many fish
Fun backlit picture of my boys and fish
Caleb and Claire loving the fish
A shark!!!
The super long moving tunnel was awesome to go through
Jake's impression of the giant crab...what do you think?
There was this amazing Pearl Harbor portion of the aquarium that was really interesting.  But the kids loved this interactive part the best.  It was hard to get them out of there.
Sailor AJ
Too much fun
2 peas in a pod
Happy Claire
Beautiful stingray
And now the big moment...Jake was seeing real penguins for the first time.  This one seems to be inviting them in.
This place had this amazing tube that you could crawl through and then pop out right next to the penguins.  Can you imagine how Jake will react?
Pure joy
This is not staged or his reaction to us telling him to smile, this is his reaction.  Huge excitement, love and bliss!!!
A very happy boy
Finally letting the other boys check them out too.
AJ seemed to really like them too.  He got a real close look at this one.
Jake's friends
 AJ found a penguin home
 Almost like standing with a real emperor penguin
This was Jake's day
 One that months later he still talks about.  It will be a trip he will always remember
Cousin Claire likes them too :D
 Jake loved this little circle you could sit in and watch them...he could have stayed here forever
Sharing his love with his brother
You would never guess what Jake's souvenir was.  :)  He named him Captain after...
Mr Popper's Penguins.  Which of course the boys had to watch when they got back.
 Last night treat of donuts and ice cream
And yes they did both try to lick the ice cream cone
 Such an amazing trip and I loved hanging out with friends and family and having the opportunity for the little cousins to build their friendships.  Forever memories and I can hardly wait till our next adventure.  But it is also always nice to come home...and we love our home state of Oklahoma!
But there was one more exciting stop on our vacation...Oklahoma's very first brand new Costco!  Heart be still :D

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