Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grandma and Pa Coming and First Day of School!

Yes it was a bit of a crazy day.  We enjoyed Aunt B's last half day with us, had Open House at the kids school and then Aunt B and Daddy (who had a quick work trip) went to the airport.  We had a few errands to run and then the kids and I were going to the airport to get Grandma and Pa.  It was a really fun and busy day!
 As we were getting super close to AJ's Birthday, and we still needed to celebrate Grandma and Pa's Birthdays...we decided to get them all a special Birthday cookie cake at Sam's
 Grandma playing Cootie with the boys in AJ's room (hey you heard about our previous day...so yes his room is a mess :D)
 My cute cooties
 Its the last day of summer!!! And as our tradition...we must start the day with donuts.
 Yum!  Jake always wants to go to Dunkin Donuts because they have his favorite glazed chocolate cake donut.
 Yummy treats
Then we all decided to see a movie.  The boys had really wanted to see Angry Birds and it was at the cheap theater...so why not :)
 My big 2nd Grader on his first day of school
 AJ was so excited to be starting at big school with Jake
 Even though he did not start pre-k until the afternoon he had to get all his pictures taken with his brother
 Ready to go!!!
 Do you get the idea AJ is excited?
 Cutest Brothers ever!!!
 Even though I tried to explain to AJ that he did not need his backpack yet he HAD to bring it.
 Sweet Jake all lined up and ready for class
So after Jake was all set we came home to wait until AJ started school in the afternoon.
Its finally time!!!
 Just like starting SaFe Day last year AJ was ready to go this year...and ran ahead on his own.  (One of the things AJ was most excited about starting Big School was that he got to be dropped off and walk into school by himself :D  )
 "Tot Lot playground!!!  I have finally arrived!!!"
 Yep, AJ has spent so much time at West Field already that he feels like he owns the school
 Remembered exactly where his class was
 Found his cubbie
 And dropped off his stuff (this boy has been well trained by Mrs Meredith!)
 Mrs. Hopkins had some activities out and no surprise...he went straight for the easel
First paper DONE!  :D
It was such a great first day and the kids both loved their classes!  It was also really special to have my parents here to share in the experience and help me out in the first day crazy!  Can't believe that both of my boys are old enough to be in school together!!!

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