Friday, January 20, 2017

AJ's Birthday Weekend and Party

We had such a blast for AJ's birthday weekend this year!  Poor kid was going to have to go to school on his birthday for the first time so we decided to stretch it out and celebrate it over the weekend with family and also have his Birthday Party with friends.  He was really looking forward to his Build a Bear Party and then dinner at Olive Garden with family!!!
My boys so love Birthday Cards!  Money is also fun hehe
Fun times playing games with Pa
It is Pa after all who introduced them to Angry Birds
A very important shopping trip to pick up AJ's Birthday Cake
In the middle of AJ's weekend we also had church and Jake was super proud to earn a new Lego set from even more memorized verses!  Way to go Bear!!!
AJ's super cool Angry Birds Birthday Cake!!!
Happy Birthday to our adorable 5 year old!!!
All set for his party.  Goofball wanted an Angry Birds Cake and Justice League décor (mostly because Flash was on them)
The party has finally begun!  Walking into Build a Bear with his friends
They got to pick out the type of buddy they wanted and so AJ picked out this adorable little dog
Big brother Jake picked out a cute bear
AJ loved having his buddy Ryan there that he had not seen in a while.  And so much fun with friends
"Look Momma, I get to fill him up!"
I think he passed the snuggle test :D
This time he even got to help stich him closed
My goofy little boy.  AJ has always been this way.  He just got his buddy stuffed and has to have the tag off.  Hard to give any buddy a good cuddle with the tag still on.
It was such a treat to have Grandma and Pa there for his Birthday Party!!!
Puppy cuddles while he watches his friends take their turns
Too cute!
Big Brother loves his bear on the cuddle test :D
And of course goofiness occurs
Congo line to get them dressed
Wow this is going to be a tough decision!!!
Kylo Ren Bear
Thunder Dog!!!  AJ named him Kevin Durant :)
The fun group!  My boys are blessed to have such good friends!
And they all have a lot of fun!
AJ was super excited to get this little play cake with a candle that actually lights up
The look on his face when they sung Happy Birthday to him.  Basically AJ face when anyone calls attention to him at this age :)
The best part of the party came when they all got to help fill the Bear stuffer with stuffing...they all loved it....who knew?!?!? :D
We then came home and AJ was blessed with some wonderful presents from his friends
Then it was cake time!!!
I love this picture!
"Happy Birthday to you..."
Wish on its way :)
Love how this crazy boy eats his cake...why mess with a fork
Quietest time with this crazy group.  His rainbow cake was delicious though!!!
Sugar rush fun!
AJ and his friend Sadie
AJ and his friends Grant
AJ and his friend Drew
AJ and his friend Ryan
AJ and his awesome Big Brother Jake
AJ and his adorable Thunder Pup
After the party we were all set to go and enjoy some yummy dinner at Olive Garden!!!
Of course the buddies had to come.  AJ was so excited for his dinner...or should I say his breadsticks lol
 The boys also love Oliver Garden for the fun activity sheets that they have with the menu...they even include stickers!!!!
 Jake having fun as well
 Yep...this is what he was waiting for :D
Lucky boy was blessed with a special Birthday Cake from the manager who thought he was super cool because they were both named AJ...we had the best service ever for this dinner.  What a fantastic birthday weekend!!! And the big day was still tomorrow!

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