Saturday, January 21, 2017

Falling into a Rhythym

After starting school, my parents visit and AJ's birthday it was time to settle into the normal school routine.  Not that this is easy, we would also be starting sports and AWANA which adds a bit to our schedule but it is the life that we all love.  This was also the year where summer would just not let we had a lot of warm weather heading into Fall.
When the grandparents leave and big brother goes to school... you have got to do something fun to cheer up the little one.  (Soon he was going to start going to SaFe Day for morning Pre-k and time with his beloved Mrs. Meredith...but it did not start for a couple more weeks.  As a side note too, I was about to go back to work as I got an assistant teacher job at SaFe Day 3 days a week for a couple 3 year old classes.  Perfect schedule with my kiddos and the ability to still help at their parties and go on field trips while still helping out the family...perfect!!!)
 This boy loves the neighborhood splash pad!!!
 I think he scared the water
Cute boy
I so love my mornings with AJ where I am off and he does not have school.  I am really going to miss them when he is in full day Kindergarten next year.
Time for a game before school.
 It was quite amazing to me to be picking up both my children from school together for the first time.  Jake in blue and AJ in lime green.
 AJ loves to have Jake read to him...AJ will even ask him to read to him while he is in the tub.
Jake and I on a Jakey and Mommy date
 Then we needed ice cream...of course
 This fall Jake chose to play flag football for the first time and he LOVED it.  This boy has a deep and growing love for Football.
AJ starting to practice before his first was going well until... started to pour.  :)  We got pretty wet before we all ran for our cars but luckily it stopped about 5 minutes later.  So we went back out.  Love this picture of the boys practicing together before AJ's game.  Soaking wet and playing happily!
 Game time!
AJ accidentally got put on a younger team this year but made a friendship with a neighborhood boy and had a lot of fun....and scored a lot of goals. :)
Then it was finally time to get the Ewok stuffed...AJ had been asking all week!
 He is getting cuddly!
Oh....such love!
 AJ so loves his present from big brother
Although really, who does not love Ewoks!
 Momma and AJ date
AJ chose a taco bell picnic with a movie
One of my special mornings with AJ before school we went to the library!  Besides the books and movies he loves the toys that you can play with there.  Especially Magna boys have always loved these toys!
Jake absolutely loves to read!  Love seeing him cuddled with a book and now he even really likes chapter books!!!
AJ getting in some soccer practice with his new soccer goal and ball that he got for his birthday
Look who lost another tooth!
Some special father/son time building trains
 Football practice
Batman in action :)
AJ had a blast at his buddy Gavin's Birthday party!
 Cuddle time!
AJ loves this statue in front of the Edmond Public Library...always has to check out the man's newspaper.
 Jake was also Star of the week in his 2nd grade class and he got to fill out and decorate this cool poster
He did a really great job! 
Went into Jake's room one day and this is what I found...gotta say that I was jealous of his little reading nook
 AWANAs!!!!  These boys love going every week and the church does an amazing job!  They have a different theme every you cannot guess what this one was ;)
 Love this picture of AJ and his buddy Drew talking during AWANA
 Jake having fun at Sparkies...this kid is crazy good at memorizing!!!
Yey SaFe Day has started!!!!  AJ missed his turtle friend on the playground.  Such a fantastic school and he loves his time here...I have to say I do too!

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