Monday, January 16, 2017

Fun with Friends

I have to say that in living in Oklahoma for a little over 3 years now (at the time I am writing this) we have the most wonderful friends.  Probably why I am writing my June blog entries in January lol.  But we treasure each and every one of them and we are so lucky to have created such a wonderful Oklahoma family!
Our patriotic little man!
Jake, AJ and Blake at the OKC Zoo
Bunch on monkeys :P
Cute Bear
Crazy Squidly
 But after a hot day at the zoo its always nice to going swimming at a friend's pool!
Happy boy in his The Good Dinosaur Towel
 Oooohhh that is going to hurt :o
After a work trip daddy brought the boys home some new costumes.  Our boys LOVE to dress up!!!  Here they are Vision from Avengers and a Power Ranger
And here Vision is joined by a Transformer
 Our dear friends the Haubelts.  We have been friends since before we had kids and while their Air Force career has them move frequently we were super lucky to be in their path and get to see them on their move to AL.  So fun to meet each others youngest and just hang out!!!
Give kids pizza and they are happy :D
 This was also a big weekend for AJ as he got a bigger bed!  His car bed can convert to hold a twin mattress and we figured it was time.  He was fine on his toddler mattress as he has a million stuffed animals and they all kinda filled out a larger bed size.  But to have a big boy mattress was super exciting!!!
 Looks like he likes it
Is there anything cuter than a sleeping child?
Are the boys walking into a jungle...nope just our church during At the Movies :D

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